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We at AspirantHunt Provide One-on-one GMAT Private Tutoring via skype and interactive software. Our private tutoring offers personalized prep with an experienced GMAT tutor who have scored more than 740 in GMAT.

Our GMAT Experts take online customized class from INDIA so It is highly economical for you to get the best private tutor (having score of 750) who can closely work with you to improve your GMAT Score.

1) Provide the most qualified GMAT Expert for the Best Possible 1-on-1 learning Experience ( Instructor Score [GMAT: 760 ])

2) Provide the most focused, powerful and personalized material (designed by trainers who scored 800 on the GMAT and have distilled 15 years of GMAT Training experience into them)

3) Provide OG 12 and all the CAT tests that you will take as part of prep.

4) Always work as per your convenience and will be accessible 24*7 through e-mail (Response time <2 hours) and Cellphone (Urgent).

5) Drastically cut down on the amount of time and effort that you will otherwise waste in reading irrelevant material.

6) Ensure Improved Scores in Practice Tests week after week.

7) Keep you motivated and on-track with respect to your GMAT Preparation.

8 ) Be a friend and take the stress out of your GMAT Preparation.

If you are looking for the most personalized and effective GMAT Training look no further contact:


Mobile: +91-9654791877

One Month GMAT Study plan for one of our customer looks like:

30 Days Crack the GMAT Master Study Plan
Timeline To Do
Week 1
  • Dispatch of Quant Review Notes (60 Pages).
  • 1-on-1 Doubts/Explanation Session thoroughly covering all Quant Concepts.
  • Perfecting GMAT Pacing Strategy for Verbal.
Weekend 1
  • GMAT Prep 1
  • Application of the Quant Concepts and the Verbal Pacing Strategy in the actual test.
  • Diagnosing Weak Spots in Preparation-Post Mortem Analysis of Test 1
  • 1-on-1 Discussion on Concepts that you got wrong in the Test
  • Deciding Future Course of Action
Week 2
  • Customized Problem Set containing handpicked problems in (identified) weak areas and thoroughly covering each and every type of Quant Problem that you may encounter in GMAT.
  • Application of the concepts learned in the Quant Review Notes.
  • Dispatch of Detailed Solutions for the problem Set.
  • Practicing 2 Sectional Tests (only Quant)
  • Mid-Week Analysis of the progress.
  • 1-on-1 Problem Solving /Concept Mastering Troubleshooting Session/s
Weekend 2
  • Full Length Test
  • Post Mortem Analysis of Test
  • Explanation of concepts/Problems that you got wrong in the test.
  • Discussion on the future course of action.
Week 3
  • Dispatch of Verbal Review for SC , CR and RC
  • Dispatch of Verbal Questions Set for SC , CR and RC
  • Explanation of SC Concepts to be mastered and how to go about it. What to read what to skip.
  • 700-800 band Problem Solving in all verbal areas.
  • How to attempt BOLD FACE Questions which decide if you will get > 90 %ile in Verbal
Weekend 3
  • Full Length Test
  • Post Mortem Analysis of Test
  • Explanation of Concepts /problems that you get wrong in the test
  • Discussion on future course of action
  • Two 1-on-1 Discussion /Problem Solving Sessions for Verbal
Week 4
  • 5 GMAT Tests
  • Detailed Analysis and Reflection on Progress.
  • Fine-tuning Examination Temperament.
  • Review of AWA Notes and Templates.
Weekend 4
  • Relax
  • Rock on! You score >720 in GMAT and starts off with the rest of the application process.

To Crack GMAT, Make sure that you understand each and every questions of Official Guide Very well.  Please check the list of all Official Guide Questions and Answers with Explanations.


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  • Mani

    I am interested in GMAT tutoring.
    Please explain how do i start of?.
    What pre requisites do i require?.

    Please reply.Thanx

  • Priya


    I would like to take the GMAT private tutoring session with Aspirant hunt. Please let me know if we can talk more about this.


  • admin

    Thanks for your interest. Please let me know your phone number or call me on 094257 01099 to discuss it in greater details.

  • bacchewar

    Are you giving guarantee of more the 720 score?

  • admin

    No one can genuinely give guarantee of 720. Depending on your current status of gmat prep, we can give you assurance of improving your score by some points.

    To discuss it more, feel free to call us.

  • Hi,

    I am looking for private tutoring for Gmat Verbal. Can any one give details?



    does this available at Bpl itself, wt will be the fee structure n all. cud give me the whole detalis on my ID???
    wats the next date of GMAT????

  • admin

    One can write GMAT on any day. It depends on the availability of the seats in which you plan to write. To know more about GMAT Private Tutoring contact us on or +91. 9425701099

  • Paul DeRousseau

    I’m interested in a 1 on 1 tutoring session to prepare me for the GMAT. I’d like to take the exam this summer. Please let me know what your fees are as well. Thanks!

  • Milind Labhe

    I am interested in taking only Mathematics classes for GMAT. Please suggest if you can help. I stay in Nagpur in India.

  • Rajesh

    I am planning to take the GMAT test.I havent yet started preparing for GMAT.Kindly guide me on the issue.I live in kerala.

  • admin

    Hi Rajesh, I have send you the email regarding private tutor and gmat pill. You can reach me on 09654791877

  • Mansi Thakkar

    hi, I want to give GMAT examination but I neither have started preparing for it nor have any idea from where to start. I need a coaching for the course, Kindly guide on this issue. I live in Vapi, Gujarat.


    I want to give the GMAT in the next month. Could you please provide me with the details of your class, as well as, the fee structure. Also do you have tutors that come to the residence?

  • admin

    Hi Prema, I have send the details on your email. You can call me on 09654791877 to discus it in greater details.


  • Deepak Priyadarsi

    HI…I am deepak ,i just want to know about GMAT preparation. so can u plz help me to find any preparation center in Bhubaneswar, Orissa .plz kindly contact on my no-09124380040. or send me addresses in on my email account-

  • admin

    Hi deepk, I have send you the email for the details. You can reach me on 09654791877 to discuss more.

  • june

    hi, do you offe private personal tutoring for GMAT in Muscat, Oman?

  • Ibrahim


    Instersted in your kind service, can you email me details ASAP?

    My plan is to take the GMAT in 6 weeks from now, appreciate your speedy response.

    Many Many Thanks,

  • Selva


    I am taking the GMAT test in 6 weeks. I have started preparing and has completed 25%. But to gain more confidence, i would like to be trained by a Private Tutor. I live in Madurai (Tamil Nadu). To proceed further, can you please mail me the details about the coaching.

  • raju

    dear ,
    i am graduate engineer ,working as a project engineer at abroad(NRI) since 10yrs .pls let me know executive MBA program gmat needed to join in executive MBA program?


  • Sreekanth

    Hello ,

    I’m interested in private class for GMAT English ( Sentense correction and Critical reasoning etc). Do you have a sample class to tryout for new students.


  • hello ,
    sir i am interested in upcoming GMAT test i need help to get better score and some guide as well.well i live in dhaka bangladesh and i need a private tutor .


  • Manish


    I would like to take the GMAT private session with Private Tutor. Please let me know if we can talk more about this.
    Can you please mail me more details about the coaching.


  • Jamal Dabbagh

    I am looking for a GMAT instructor in Riyadh would you supply me with a contact number.Thanks.

  • Akshay Nigam

    Hello Admin

    I want to take up GMAT tutor as i am willing to take admission by December 2012 . I had just made up my mind to go for it. Do let me know the details .ASAP possible

    Kind Regards
    Akshay Nigam
    +91 8980115611

  • Manka Khanna


    I’ve already appeared for GMAT once (on the 29th of May) and did not get a very good score … I am planning to re-schedule my test for november … however, i will be travelling abroad for 3 months in between but will keep my practice on … is there any way i can have my classes largely through skype?

  • Lorena

    I am looking for a GMAT teacher in Queretaro, Mexico.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you

  • Sid


    I have been preparing for gmat for quite some time now.
    I will like to know if you can help improve my verbal score .I am planning to take the gmat in a month


  • admin

    Please contact us on to know more about GMAT Private Tutoring.. Comments are going to be closed here..