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The Official Guide for GMAT Review free download

The Official Guide for GMAT Review is the only study guide with real GMAT questions—and their answers—developed by the test creators. In the 11th edition, you’ll find some useful new features: a NEW diagnostic section to help you figure out where to focus your test-prep efforts 800 questions organized by difficulty to save you study time a comprehensive math review of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and word problems, the skills tested by the GMAT exam about 270 Analytical Writing Assessment topics The Official Guide for GMAT Review offers 800 retired GMATquestions and thorough explanations of the answers. Practicing with questions that have appeared on the GMAT exam before will prepare you for the types of questions you’ll see when you take the real thing. This Guide will help you learn what you need to know to answer those questions correctly. Contents 1. What is the GMET 2. How To Prepare 3. Diagnostic Test 4. Math Review 5. Problem Solving 6. DAta Sufficiency 7. Reading Comprehension. 8. Critical Reasoning 9. Sentence Correction 10.Analytical Writing Assessment

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